Director / Producer / Writer / Editor / Visual Effects Artist / Art Director


Directed, produced and wrote a coming of age short film about our common need to find someone who we can have a connection with, and how our urge to fulfil this need drives most of our lives.

About Falling
Across cultures and generations, whether a romantic or a cynic - we all loudly or quietly long to find someone who we can have a connection with. But why? This question, and all the unbelievable things we do to find and be with this person, is the reason for the movie Falling.

Script Excerpt
"Like water falling not knowing where to, but constantly helplessly falling, we slip hurrying endlessly to where no one knows, as if born with a promise that we’ll get there, if we just keep going past this turn.

Rushing to a place we’ve never seen, but are so sure exists. This need is as strong as a memory, proof of somewhere we’re trying to return to, but that we’ve only been to in deep longing, in wishes, in dreams"...

In the breadth of film storytelling, I have always loved its requirement to understand the human condition and distill it in to an immersive memorable experience. It's an opportunity to combine almost all forms of creativity whilst maintaining a cohesive creative voice across the management of the largest crews in the creative world. Revealing an evolving relationship between leadership and collaboration, which even in it's most challenging times is still rewarding.

Producing and directing a film requires an extensive amount of planning and foresight. The ongoing challenge is maintaining a cohesive vision in a process leading a 20+ person production crew of professionals and many volunteer talent, across stages of pre-production, shooting, and post. Including visual effects and music scoring. This was produced in London, San Francisco and Stockholm.

Below is the production of the first scene
From the original space, setting it up, to the final film frame.